Find a knowledgeable agent who knows how to get the job done, get a good deal and is responsive to all your real estate needs. San Jose Realtor will provide you prompt service, personal guidance and professional competence from contract to settlement. San Jose Realtor can help you determine how much home you can afford. Often a realtor can suggest ways to accrue the down payment and explain alternative financing methods. In addition to knowing the local money market, San Jose Realtor also can tell you what personal and financial data to bring with you when you apply for a loan. They are familiar with current real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services and facilities, and may be aware of local zoning changes that could affect your decision to buy. San Jose Realtor can usually research your housing needs in advance through a Multiple Listing Service--even if you are relocating from another city. They can show you only those homes best suited to your needs--size, style, features, location, and accessibility to schools, transportation, shopping and other personal preferences. San Jose Realtor often can suggest simple, imaginative changes that make a home more suitable for you and improve its utility and value. They are sensitive to the importance you place on this major commitment you are about to make. Look for a real estate professional to facilitate negotiation of a win-win agreement that will satisfy both you and the seller.





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